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Effects of Hail

When hail (1/2″ to 2″) strikes a composition shingle it damages its protective surface, and in some cases the asphalt coating, as well as the  matting. Metal roofs are dented and compromised. Skylights, A/C vents, siding, windows, window beads, and screens are generally damaged as well.

Effects of Wind

Asphalt shingles are manufactured with a seal tab. The tab will become broken during high winds. The damage that exist could be displaced shingles, seal tabs lifted, and flying debris could gouge the roof surface. If any of these wind effects have occurred, you may be due a complete new roof replacement by your insurance company. This is why you pay insurance, acts of God can not be prevented.

home inspection

Let our trained professionals help you through the process.

Stark Homes employs licensed inspectors who are extremely familiar with Homeowner’s Policies, damages caused by hail, wind, water and the requirements each insurance carrier has for a roof to be totaled and therefore replaced. We have established relationships with many insurance adjustors, and have gained their respect. 


Price Advantages

The contract price will be equal to the amount of money allowed by the insurance company and never greater than that amount of the damaged paid for by your insurance. We use an independent pricing guideline that provides industry standard “fair market value” pricing for all areas of the United States, and is recognized by most insurance companies.

Your Total 'Out of Pocket' cost is always known before signing a contract.