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Seamless Gutters

Unlike traditional gutter systems, seamless gutters are far more strong and durable. This is due to the types of materials seamless gutters are made of, such as galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, and even vinyl. Compared to other types of gutters, seamless gutters can last for years. And unlike other guttering systems, seamless gutters have seams only in the corner or downspout areas, which reduces the possibility of leakage. Seamless gutters are made up of multiple pieces, which make them stronger. If a section fails, it will not endanger the entire unit. Another beneficial aspect is that seamless gutters can come in a wide variety of colors. Thus, you will be able to choose the right color that blends well with the exterior of your home.

Vinyl gutters

Vinyl gutters may not be suitable for your house if you live in a hot, sunny area. When exposed to scorching heat, vinyl material may crack and eventually deteriorate. Vinyl can also warp easily, especially when exposed to heavy amounts of rain. Moreover, debris that has collected can damage the gutter easily if you fail to unclog it regularly.